Renting your Timeshare

Renting your timeshare with us is very simple.

We are one of the most popular websites for timeshares rentals in Newport and get many phone calls every day.

When you decide to rent your timeshare using our services, we add your week to our list and call you whenever we have a customers interested.

Our fee for doing the timeshare rentals is 20%.

Once we get the customer and the owner to agree on the price we do the following:

1. Customer fills out and signs a rental agreement.

2. The rental agreement is sent to owner along payment. Sometimes the customers choose to pay by credit card. When that happens, we do all the paper work by email and send a check directly to the owner for the total amount minus our fee of 20%.

3. Once the owner receives the check and rental agreement, he/she signs the rental agreement, registers the guest at the resort and gets a confirmation.

4. Owner returns the rental agreement and confirmation to Newport Timeshares R us.

5. Owner pays our fee: It can be paid by deposit at Bank of America, electronic transfer, credit or debit card.